About a month ago, we had a challenge for Comic Jam Hawaii, a local group of cartoonists in Hawaii, where we had to design Starbucks coffee sleeves in whatever medium you wanted & whatever topic (primarily comics & cartoons). I will be displaying only mine, but the total number of sleeves drawn from all the members were more than 200+! ^_^ lemme know if you want me to post more :)

some coffee sleeve art by jonjmurakami. The idea behind this was to draw on the sleeves (incorporating the color and some of the design elements of the sleeve, like the starbucks logo circle) and put them back in the bin of sleeves, so random Starbucks customers would get a little surprise when they got their drinks. Jon and the rest of the Hawaii Comics Jam group have done a lot of these — has anyone else heard of any other comics artists doing something similar?

Here are three Hello Kitty-themed comic strips by my Hawaii cartoonist friend Jon J. Murakami. He managed to turn one IM session with me about the "Hello Kitty is not a cat" kerfuffle into THREE, count ‘em, THREE different comic strips for three different newspapers/online outlets.

These comic strips were originally published in the Honolulu Star Advertiser, The Hawaii Herald, and Oceanic / Time Warner Cable’s Hawaii website.

You can find more of Jon’s work at his Big Cartel store, and on his Facebook page. This Tumblr post is also my not-so-subtle way of trying to get Jon on Tumblr, something that he’s been putting off for a while. ;-)




By John Martz
Published by Koyama Press

Richard Scarry and Rube Goldberg collide in John Martz’s whimsical comic book world.

In Tim’s world, a cat can paint on the ceiling and a happy pig couple can wait months for the bus. A duck and a mouse love to go flying, in a plane, of course. Every page is an adventure and each character is colorful in this collection of comics.

John Martz is a cartoonist and illustrator in Toronto, Canada. He is the creator of the wordless online comic strip Machine Gum, and the illustrator of several picture books including Abbott & Costello’s Who’s On First? (Quirk Books, 2013). His comics and illustrations have appeared in The Globe & Mail, MAD Magazine, Maisonneuve, and more. He won the 2013 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Story for his comic book Gold Star (Retrofit Comics, 2012).

ISBN: 978-1-927668-10-8
8 ½ x 10, 52 pages, colour, hardcover
September 2014
Age 3+

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A comiXologist Recommends:
Molly Brooks recommends The Legend of Bold Riley #1

In The Legend of Bold Riley Volume 1, we saw Princess Rilavashana SanParite of Prakkalore give up her claim to the throne and leave palace life behind to go adventuring. She spent the book living by her sword and her wits, defeating mythical beasts and wooing pretty girls, and this first issue of Volume 2 promises to continue in that vein.

As the story starts we find our heroine nursing a broken heart, until she happens upon a talking bone with a sad story to tell. Helping her strange new friend provides a welcome distraction from her own woes, but can Bold Riley save the day when the villain is love gone tragically wrong?

Bold Riley is a classic adventurer archetype- smart, courageous, pulled ever onward by the promise of challenge and excitement, and leaving a trail of slain monsters and well-bedded women in her wake. It’s classic sword-and-sorcery stuff in an eastern-influenced folktale style, and while it’s refreshing to have this kind of story told through the eyes of a queer woman rather than another hulking Conan-type, the queerness isn’t the focus. 

Each story is part of the larger continuity of Bold Riley’s journeys through various mystical lands, but they can also be read as stand-alone fables, so this issue is a perfectly fine place to start. Can’t wait to see what becomes of her in Issue 2!

[Pick up The Legend of Bold Riley #1 here!]

Molly Brooks is a Digital Editor for comiXology.