Did you hear? Manga artist Moyoco Anno will be coming to torontocomics art festival! Save the date and make plans to come to Toronto, May 9-10, 2014.

Anno is the creator of a wide variety of awesome manga, for kids and grown-ups alike. The one thing they have in common (besides wonderful art) is that they all feature strong-willed, fascinating, and unpredictable female characters.

She also does interesting projects that go beyond manga, in fashion (like the Sugar Sugar Rune-inspired fashion exhibit that was held at the Kyoto Manga Museum in 2013, and her collaboration with cosmetics brand Shu Uemura). She also illustrated a Japanese novelization of Kevin Smith’s film, Chasing Amy.

Several titles have been released in English in the past, and lately, many more are available online and in print, with more to come.

  • Sakuran is a historical fiction one-shot, about a willful little girl who grows up to be a stunning courtesan in the floating world of feudal Japan. But for a woman who makes her living giving pleasure to men, is true love something that will remain an unattainable dream? (Sakuran is available now from Vertical and Amazon.com)
  • Insufficient Direction is Anno’s hilarious mostly-true bio-comic about her marriage to anime director (Neon Genesis Evangelion) and mega-geek Hideaki Anno. It’s a hoot! (Available now from Vertical and Amazon.com)
  • In The Clothes Called Fat is a one-shot about one woman’s struggles with eating disorders. (Available July 8 from Vertical, pre-order now from Amazon)
  • The Five Buffalo Girls - Five young women work in a brothel, but long to escape. One day they do, but find that danger and adventure is around every corner. (Chapters available on Manga Reborn)
  • Happy Mania (TokyoPop, available from Amazon and RightStuf), Flowers and Bees (VIZ Media) and Sugar Sugar Rune (Del Rey Manga, available from Amazon) are all out of print, but not too impossible to find. They’re worth looking for!

Anno was a special guest at NY Comic-Con 2012. Check out some of the interviews with her, done by Brigid Alverson for MTV Geek, and Melinda Beasi for Comics Beat.You can also find her on Facebook!

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